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The Niñxs statement

We started both our carriers in different places (Mexico and Switzerland) and studied different subjects. We were looking at the world in a similar way although we didn’t know we could meet, we did two years ago. We realised that we loved the same activity: collective drawing. We are playful, joyful and are surprised by our surroundings these are the reasons we call ourselves “The Niñxs” (The ‘Kids’ in Spanish “x” is a way of gender equality.)

Our main interest as a two-person team is to discuss, analyse and share our everyday experiences. We met each other in a non-orthodox way while studying at the same university. Since then we started to work together. We see our daily activities as opportunities to question the world we live in.

Our work is based on our process we undergo while working together. Each stroke, each reaction of the other drawer and the conversation about the unexpected results leads to a permanent change of settings. The starting point was clear for us, exchanging drawings was the strategy but the methods varied and experimentation was always fluctuating between joy and disappointment. The more we work together the more we learn and have space for constant dialogs and readjustments.

Our drawings seem to be only addressed to the drawing partner but they also symbolize the celebration of the communication by drawings, stressing the different ludic aspects of our personalities.